Kundalini and the Hidden Wisdom of an Aztec Ritual

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Many of us with indigenous roots have a strong sense of community with friends and family – a trait that has allowed our people to survive tough hardship since the European colonization of the Americas. Today, some of our community building is plagued by frivolous spending, criminal behaviors, and alcoholism. Our ancestors, however, built their […]

Webinar: What is Enlightenment?

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Enlightenment, Samadhi, or Christ Consciousness are terms that are often used in religious circles, but could there be an objective, scientifically verifiable reality behind them? In this webinar, veteran Kundalini activist, researcher, and vedic astrologer Michael Bradford will dispel the most common misconceptions about what it is to be Enlightened, and will show that true […]

We’ve Launched the Kundalini Database Project!

Spiritual awakening is a universal phenomenon, and Kundalini is the biological mechanism behind it. The Emerging Sciences Foundation has created the Kundalini Database Project, an online tool designed to discover insights into the nature of Kundalini. By contributing important research data to the Emerging Sciences Foundation, you help in a global effort to explore the […]

Webinar: Balancing the Brain – Achieving a Healthy Kundalini Awakening

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The evolutionary processes at work within us require a careful balance in order to function properly. Kundalini is the guardian of human evolution, and is the same mechanism responsible for enlightenment. In this webinar, Swami Mounamurti, founder and chairman of the Kundalini Research Project, presents the anatomy of a Kundalini awakening according to the ancient […]

Spiritual Awakening and the Kundalini Experimental Project

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The Kundalini Experimental Project is now live! Begin participating in the project today. A large amount of scientific research and money has gone into exploring, understanding and manipulating the exterior world around us, yet humanity still wanders blindly in the dark about who we are and what our purpose is. Meanwhile, all around the world […]

Why Research Kundalini?

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Trudging through the snow since daybreak, a prospector in California collapses under the weight of his pack. He no longer has any sensation in his legs and feet, and the biting cold releases waves of pain over his whole body. He set out on his journey with hopes of a prosperous future, but now all […]