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Researching Higher Consciousness

What is Higher Consciousness and why does it matter?

Spiritual awakening is life’s ultimate adventure, and the goal of all spiritual awakening is Higher Consciousness. Higher Consciousness is an indescribable state of joy and expanded consciousness brought on by the experience of oneness with the Universe — the real state of human consciousness — in which we are no longer blind to the truth of our existence. Higher Consciousness is a unique and advanced state beyond the intellect and the target of human biological evolution.

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Founded in 2009, the Emerging Sciences Foundation is dedicated to the investigation of a new phase of human evolution known as Higher Consciousness. Our board of directors is comprised of recognized leaders and experts in this area of research. Find out more about our board of directors.

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The Emerging Sciences Foundation has been collecting quantitative data to understand the aspects that characterize Higher Consciousness. From psycho-physiological effects to lifestyle, spiritual practices, and environment, our goal is to determine the ideal conditions necessary for the development of Higher Consciousness.  A research overview can be found here.

The most efficient route to social reform

Higher Consciousness and the evolutionary process to attain it represents the most important scientific discovery of our time. The verification of this hypothesis would transform everything.

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The most advanced science inquiry is that of our reason for being. The experience of Higher consciousness is synonymous with surrendering to a higher intelligence. Modern empirical science removed from its inquiry an intelligence behind the universe, deeming human evolution a generally random process with no predetermined goal besides that of survival. The idea of “survival of the fittest” and modern theories about evolution have absolutely no explanation as to why evolution has tended to proceed, over long spans of time, from simple to more complex forms of life.

The purpose of science is to objectively understand the world around us. If we are predetermined towards Higher Consciousness, then science would have to acknowledge a higher intelligence behind human existence. This acknowledgement will impact and elevate all scientific areas, thus evolving the species.

  • Areas of research include:
    The changes in the brain that give rise to Higher Consciousness.
  • The factors that influence this evolution in either a positive or negative way.

The experience of Higher Consciousness instantly reveals the interconnectedness of all life. You can see this interconnectedness in how humanity is impacting the environment – pollution of land, water and air, catastrophic deforestation, ruinous agricultural practices, depletion of natural resources, overpopulation, and loss of species diversity. 

If Higher Consciousness is the result of a biological evolutionary mechanism, then knowing the healthy environmental conditions that activate the mechanism need to be identified. 

Those few individuals who have achieved the perennial state of Higher Consciousness taught that a much higher level of self-care is needed for a healthy transformation. One essential requirement is the availability of peaceful, natural surroundings. Therefore this research will help reinforce the importance of the availability of nature with peaceful surroundings for all human beings to evolve.

Areas of research include:

  • The effects of spending time in nature on spiritual transformation.
  • Access and availability to nature.
  • The effects of overcrowding on the evolutionary process.
  • Nutritional needs and other potential requirements related to environment and sustainability.

Characterized by extreme wealth inequality, massive national debt, over-leverage, and excessive competition between nations, our global economic system is based on the goal of unlimited growth at any cost. Current measures of success are largely centered around corporate profits and material prosperity. Excessive wealth and consumption are presented as virtues. Wealth inequality creates self-worth disparity among the lower socioeconomic class, which breeds anger, crime, violence, and rebellion.

Research into Higher Consciousness and the mechanisms behind it will reveal a hidden evolutionary process taking place inside each of us. The recognition of this evolutionary mechanism would result in a shift in global priorities away from self-centered materialistic goals and toward the collective well-being of a balanced and harmonious global society.

Areas of research include:

  • The effects of economic status, income, social inclusion, excessive wealth, etc. on Higher Consciousness.

Humanity is at the brink of global war, ongoing starvation, increased poverty, violence with unsustainable living conditions, meanwhile the current focus of our educational system is on subjects that advance scientific knowledge, technological development and material prosperity which, rather than helping correct the faulty thinking that created these conditions in the first place, contribute to these conditions and can threaten our extinction.

Whereas, an educational system where Higher Consciousness is given more importance would emphasize self-knowledge, compassion, tolerance, social integration, social justice, emotional stability, nutrition, exercise, and other health factors that will allow us  to align with our evolutionary needs that will result in a global society of happy, well-adjusted, compassionate individuals.

Areas of research include:

  • Types and levels of education and effects on Higher Consciousness.
  • New ways to foster holistic modes of thinking.
  • The effects of overuse of technology on mental health.
  • The effects of excessive intellectual education on the development of Higher Consciousness.

Today, political systems exist as an extension of the economic systems which they serve. Economic policies, military objectives, laws, and regulations are all designed to maintain systems which favors those in control of the world’s wealth and natural resources. Media and politics have become inextricably intertwined – mostly serving economic and political ends. Since the end of World War II, the gap between the super-rich and the middle and lower economic classes has steadily grown, regardless of which political party or person is in power.

In order for the faculty of Higher Consciousness to develop in a healthy way throughout all of humanity, it is essential that every individual has an adequate level of prosperity and access to the benefits of society, such as education, health care and economic support for the disadvantaged.

As research begins to reveal the ideal conditions for the cultivation of Higher Consciousness, and people become more self-aware, political systems and laws will change to foster a more equitable and fair economic system.

Areas of research include:

  • The impact of politics and social order on Higher Consciousness.
  • The negative effects of the hoarding of wealth on the development of Higher Consciousness.
  • The nature of the economic and political systems that will allow the new faculty to evolve.

The stories and wisdom contained in religion and mythology have captivated the human mind for thousands of years. However, in this age of reason, religion and spirituality still captivates billions of people. The desire for transcendence seems to be an integral aspect of our very being, therefore, the existence of an evolutionary mechanism in the human body would give this impulse a biological root similar to the one that is responsible for the urge to procreate.

As both science and faith progress, it is to be hoped that eventually they will merge into one super-science of life, expanding our consciousness and bringing realms of existence into view that we cannot even begin to imagine at present.

Areas of research include:

  • Correlating the writings and experiences of Higher Consciousness in Kundalini-active individuals such as prophets, genius and mystics.
  • Research on religious, mythological, or ancient symbols and metaphors that provide hidden clues into Higher Consciousness.
"The knowledge of this priceless Treasure of the Spirit, far more precious than all the wealth and seats of power on the earth, can provide the most powerful incentive to all noble souls to search for it in themselves and to persuade others to make the rewarding search."
Gopi Krishna
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