Spiritual Awakening and the Kundalini Experimental Project

A large amount of scientific research and money has gone into exploring, understanding and manipulating the exterior world around us, yet humanity still wanders blindly in the dark about who we are and what our purpose is. Meanwhile, all around the world people are undergoing a Kundalini awakening, also known as a spiritual awakening, resulting in more awareness of their true self.

The Crab Nebula is actually a remnant of a supernova and contains a pulsating star in its center. A supernova is actually an exploding star. What makes this particular nebula so interesting is that it was observed and recorded by Chinese astronomers as early as 1045 AD. Source: http://hauntinglybeautifulhubbleimages.blogspot.com/
The Crab Nebula is actually a remnant of a supernova and contains a pulsating star in its center. A supernova is actually an exploding star. What makes this particular nebula so interesting is that it was observed and recorded by Chinese astronomers as early as 1045 AD. Source: http://hauntinglybeautifulhubbleimages.blogspot.com/

Kundalini is the force and the controlling mechanism of the divine and intelligent, cosmic evolutionary life-force (Prana) that resides in every one of us. Depicted in ancient Indian literature as coiled three and a half times like a serpent, Kundalini awakens from its sleep at the base of the spine through meditation or prayer, sometimes spontaneously, or by a near death experience. The Kundalini power works to transform the brain and body in order to reach cosmic consciousness – the evolutionary target of humanity. The Kundalini process occurs within the brain and nervous system which creates psycho-physiological symptoms/manifestations that can be subjectively observed and objectively verifiable.KundaliniSerpent

Until only recently, Kundalini and its transformative powers have been kept secret, known to a select few initiates across cultures. India and China have an incredibly long historical record of subtle energy research. In India, the practice of yoga was developed in order to adjust and refine the human body, which allows the pranic energy released by Kundalini to accomplish the transformation of the brain. In China the Taoist belief in the Yin/Yang balance and the practice of the microcosmic orbit are vital for entering the Tao (spiritual enlightenment). Our ancestors created countless allegorical narratives in mythology, religions, and fairy tales based on the Kundalini awakening process. You can read more about this at www.mythicspiral.com. The initiates found that a spiritual awakening coincided with sublime states of consciousness, an upliftment of morals, creativity, and a deep love for humanity; concluding that this evolutionary energy follows a predetermined path towards cosmic consciousness and is divine in nature. The great mystics of the past weren’t just here to teach us a path that would lead us to heavenly bliss, they were here to show us the goal meant for all of humanity.large_golden_rule_poster

Unfortunately, most individuals who experience Kundalini symptoms have no idea of what is happening to them or why. Some suffer from physical pain or mental illness with no known remedy by the current medical establishment. On the other hand, many others have periods of ecstatic exaltation and uplifting mystical experiences.

The Emerging Sciences Foundation is currently building an interactive Kundalini Experimental where individuals can log their Kundalini symptoms and experiences while connecting with others undergoing the same transformative process. Many of these individuals often feel alone or know little of what is happening to them. The Kundalini Experimental Project aims to help by informing, connecting and guiding them. The data collected will provide the scientific community the opportunity to explore the human process of evolution and to get a better picture of the goal of human life. Current modes of living are causing great harm to our minds because our social structures and cultural norms are not based on a system that revolves around our healthy evolution.

The main objective of the project is to provide valuable data for scientist to measure experiences by finding important insights related to mystical experience and the evolution of the brain. As a medical symptom, Kundalini is our gateway of empirically verifying the evolution of the body and mind.

13 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening and the Kundalini Experimental Project”

  1. “current modes of living are causing great harm to our

    You said a mouthful there. It is getting to the
    point where this hypnotic trance of materialism may destroy
    us all.

    The rise of the Kundalini has been a difficult road for me.
    It would appear that this power within is destroying the
    outer persona. It has taken me apart piece by piece and
    has thrown these pieces of who I thought I was into a fire.
    I would like to think my faith is strong, but it has certainly
    tested and taxed that part of me. I still have my sanity – at
    least I think I do. It’s day by day. At this point in life with
    the release of the Kundalini, I find myself in ceaseless prayer
    in the hope of penetrating, seeing through the garbage
    heap of self that has been implanted in me since my birth.
    For me it has been a slow process.

    Keep up the good work


    1. Hi Mark,
      Just felt sad to hear you talk about the broken and unconscious parts of yourself as garbage.
      If we did not have blocks and aspects of ourself which were in need of resurrection then we would not be part of the evolutionary spiritual journey that is our humanity.
      Nothing about you is garbage — just needing your self love and patience to keep believing you will be resorted to your true spiritual self.
      I can’t help feeling that as long as we talk down about parts of ourself it is like defacing graffiti on the wall of our own precious and divine soul. We get so hard on ourselves.
      It is how I see it anyway!!
      In Peace

  2. Just one more comment. The Kundalini for me is just the
    means to drop this veil of small self. What it has revealed
    to me, is this eternal vision of Self. The purity of consciousness
    required to encounter this Large Self is in the heart of humility.
    There are no half measures here, one must give all. A life for
    a Life. This Large Divine Self will annihilate this small facade
    we call an ego. Courage is a must, as it will take your very life.
    This does not happen overnight. It can takes years to get through
    this Purification/purging process. However, with that being
    said, the gifts and rewards are ineffable. To become Nothing
    is the aim. Sounds easy, but I believe it is the most difficult thing a human being can go through.


    1. georgina alexander

      i experienced the coming of Kundalini in 1977. fortunately i had good advice and recognition from someone who recognised what was happening. later i was in touch with another very wise man who reassured me i had been practising christian meditation/contemplation for years, since 1956 in fact. i had always thought of prayer as an attitude of listening rather than talking.
      i found K very painful for many years but am becoming more peaceful about it now

  3. Hi Mark,

    You are correct in describing the results, but can you also indicate the process you followed?
    We have lots of theory ( Hinduism) , but that is just theory.
    Description is not the thing.
    Any practical tips will really help.
    I know that western people are more practical hence this question.


    1. Hi Kasinath

      My story is a little weird. I was living with the discalced
      Carmelite order (a contemplative christian order) when one
      day I was touched on the head by a gentle power that descended
      through my being stopping at every chakra as if it was probing
      me. This went on for 9 months, and each time it would up the
      frequency I heard in my inner ear. The heat, and the expansion
      was amazing. I had several visions while this went on. One
      particular vision, I was in a very dark area but somehow I knew
      I was on a threshold. If I crossed this threshold I would be
      entering into Eternity. Also intuitively I knew that in order
      to cross this threshold I had to strip down to nothing. Mark,
      as I knew Mark, could not enter.
      I left the monastery and for 14 years nothing happend.
      I think I probably had a nervous breakdown because I thought
      the Holy Breath had abandoned me. I did eventually pick up
      the pieces of myself and went back to work. About four years
      ago I was partying with friends, drinking some good wine, and
      listening to some good rock and roll. I went to laid down,
      and the crown of my head was lightly touched. Then a full
      descend from above went through me. The next day my Kundalini
      was to rise so hard that it straighten my out like a board.
      I couldn’t move. This happened several more times with this
      powerful surge. Now of course it is more gentle
      Since then, It has been a fire cleaning me out on every
      level. sometimes I don’t think I’m going to make it through this
      process, but each time when I am on the edge of sanity, a Peace
      wells up from within. This Perfect Life knows every thought that
      I have, and also knows exactly where I am at, and what I can take
      at any given moment. This is a very short synopsis, but I think
      you get what I mean.

    2. Kasinth

      One more important point. What also followed after the
      rise of my kundalini, was that somehow I touched upon
      this Love. It was so pure that my whole body wept. I am
      still not sure the human body can with-stand this Superlative
      Purity. What followed that experience was a dream. In my
      dream I was standing at a doorway looking in. I saw these
      people, and I remember asking myself in this dream, ” how
      can these people be so pure”. I guess my point is, that
      there is much more involved here then just an evolutionary
      force, or even enlightenment. There is also a Cosmic Love
      that when touched upon, if not prepared and recreated, could
      actually destroy the body. This is what christian contemplatives
      call, “dying to self”. Or as Christ so aptly put it, a life.
      for a LIFE.
      This Self (Love) as it has looked back at me, (the little actor on
      the stage), is Huge. It is Pure. How does one arrive. My only
      conclusion has been to learn how to surrender. This can take
      a long time. It certainly has in my case. They call this the
      annihilation of self. Again, this does not happen over night.
      This purification process, Kundalini, is the means to finally
      let go of the little life. The kundalini and chakras are also
      developing to receive this sublime information (New wine skins)
      so as to let this One Life, One Light, and One Love view through
      the eyes of a human being. The One in the many, the many in the
      One. I take this from the contemplative that I am following
      the way of the Christ.


  4. Hi Jo

    I call it garbage because one time this intense purifying
    fire was really striking me hard within. I asked, as I
    was so disturbed by it all, what are you doing to me?
    At that moment the Garbage pickup was coming
    by. My third eye opened, and it showed me the garbage
    truck emptying the garbage win. I knew then.

  5. Hi Mark,
    Sounds like you connect your christian faith with kundalini – do you not find it on opposite poles. ie hinduism or taoism or some such?

    1. HI bee2

      On the contrary. Kundalini for me is a means to an end,
      to a new beginning. I never thought that the rise of the
      kundalini was the Alpha and Omega. When Cosmic consiousness
      did finally penetrate the inner being, this Large Eternal Self
      also let me know that there was more. There is an Ecstasy of
      Love; a Universal Love that infuses ItSelf into the soul.
      I guess that is when I started to turn from the eastern
      philosophies, towards the west. The christian mystic seems
      to be more open by way of a surrender to this Beatific Love.
      What is life without this complete Loving awareness? I
      believe much less. When you woo a lover you must surrender
      to this Love that demands you share. You must let go of all
      you were, (the creature), and become divine in order to Love
      as the Divine Loves. It is Large, and comes right out of the
      center of Your Being. It is the complete annhilation of the
      confines and restriction written within nature.

  6. I have experienced kundalini surges at various times in the past 25 years. My initial awakening occurred while in college. During that time I was deeply into the deadhead scene. Most of my friends were in the mode of “partying” and not seeking a spiritual connection. The initial awakening was intense, confusing, scary, and self-isolating. My friends (as well as I) did not know what was going on. The experience tore my self-image completely. Looking back, not a good idea to lose your fragile ego at such a young age. (This explains why kabbalahists recommend spiritual studies at a more mature age). I spent many years picking up the pieces of my fractured ego while reading as many books as possible that would shed light on my strange experience. Other times I felt like I left my body and could see my physical body below me and at different times I would see spiraling lights in front of me. Often I experience synchronicity and surges of energy that makes my body feel buzzing/vibrate. I even have occasions when random strangers come up to me smiling and tell me that they can feel my energy. One experience I had attending a musical (jamband) concert, I felt this energy bubbling from below my feet as I tried to keep balance (as if on a surf board). The energy poured up my spine and I was blinded with the whitest light. I felt as if the crown of my head was an antenna forecasting bright white light energy out into the room. My last full experience (besides the often synchronicity and chills buzzing throughout my body) gave me the feeling of vertigo. Visually everything was magnified (as if I was wearing someone else glasses). When I walked I couldn’t feel my feet (a feeling of floating). My ears were keenly attentive to sounds of birds, the wind, children laughing/playing and babbling streams. When I went to the grocery store random folks gave me smiles and I could feel their positive vibrations. Other folks seem inattentive and closed off vibrationally. This experience lasted roughly 10 days in which the initial experience was heavy and then diminished as the days progressed. After reading Krishna Gopi’s “Kundalini: Evolutionary Energy in Man” and John Shelby’s Kundalini Awakening,” I don’t freak out but try to enjoy the precious gift. Luckily I have a good friend to talk too who has similar experiences. That helps. Namaste.

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