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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening can happen spontaneously or as the result of practices like meditation. These experiences vary and are unique to each person. In general, a spiritual awakening tends to broaden the types of things someone is capable of experiencing. A person might feel very different than they did before. They might feel more sensitive to their outer and inner worlds and may also have experiences that are difficult to communicate in words. According to our research, this is because all spiritual experiences are the result of biological evolution. This process of evolution is what causes spiritual awakenings and genius. When this process does not work correctly, insanity can occur in some rare cases.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

To understand the process of spiritual awakening, we have surveyed hundreds of people around the world, many of whom have experienced a spiritual awakening. Our research is ongoing. In those we have surveyed, here is a short list of some common symptoms:

  • New insights into spiritual truths
  • Joy, happiness, and a sense of wonder and awe
  • Sensations of "energy" running in the body
  • An increase in altruistic feelings and behaviors
  • Paranormal experiences and synchronicities

Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

One important type of spiritual awakening experience we’ve identified is something we call Higher Consciousness. Higher Consciousness is very different from other types of experiences. First of all, Higher Consciousness involves the direct perception of consciousness as the primary reality. Normally, we experience our minds and our five senses as being "primary." In the experience of Higher Consciousness, everything we perceive with our senses and our thoughts themselves are perceived as side-effects or creations of consciousness. The person’s ego melts away, and a new world of consciousness behind the phenomenal universe is revealed. The joy and happiness experienced in Higher Consciousness is beyond imagination. The person is entirely transformed as a result of the experience. Higher Consciousness can be a momentary experience, but it can also be permanent. Our research indicates that the state of Higher Consciousness is the next phase of human evolution.

Higher Consciousness is something that ancient cultures knew about. Writings from ancient India provide strong evidence of this. Some ancient names for Higher Consciousness include Enlightenment, Samadhi, Christ Consciousness, and the Tao. These words are often misused. There are many people who claim to have experienced enlightenment, Samadhi, or Higher Consciousness, but our research suggests that many of these people are not using the word accurately. They are probably describing other experiences that are similar to Higher Consciousness but are not quite the experience of Higher Consciousness. We are developing standardized testing criteria to determine a genuine experience of Higher Consciousness. In the future, we hope to develop biological tests to determine if someone is experiencing Higher Consciousness.

Kundalini – The Mechanism Behind All Spiritual Experiences

Ancient cultures knew how to achieve Higher Consciousness. But somewhere in the ancient past, much of the knowledge was lost. Only bits and pieces of this knowledge remain. Most noteworthy, the ancient Indians identified a special relationship between the reproductive system and the brain. This relationship was observed countless times in ancient masters who reached Higher Consciousness. This link between the brain and reproductive system, combined with the other processes in the body that led to Higher Consciousness, was called Kundalini by the ancient Indians. This hidden biological system is a part of the metabolism that we all have, and Kundalini is a part of everyone. The only difference between individuals is whether or not it is "active," meaning that it is accelerated. Kundalini is not only the cause of Higher Consciousness, but of all spiritual awakenings and experiences.

The Kundalini Experimental Project

The Kundalini Experimental Project is a massive research effort conducted by the Emerging Sciences Foundation. The purpose of the project is to awaken Kundalini in test subjects to improve their chances of achieving Higher Consciousness. We also want to scientifically demonstrate the existence of the Kundalini mechanism. We hope to invite skeptical scientists to investigate Kundalini.

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