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Did you know that the Emerging Sciences Foundation is leading the effort to research Kundalini, the biological mechanism behind transcendent experiences like mystical experience, near-death experience, Kundalini awakenings, psychic experiences, and out-of-body experiences?

Our latest research paper is the first to scientific paper to empirically study higher consciousness, the experience of radical spiritual awakening. It is also the first to empirically study transcendental experiences in the context of Kundalini and higher consciousness.

We believe this knowledge as the potential to change the world as we know it, but we need your help.

Key Funding Areas

Why your contributions are so valuable

Research Paper Publication

Research papers take thousands of dollars to publish, and we need your help to cover those costs. Our paper is currently in pre-print, but our next step is to publish in rigorous, peer-reviewed journal. The journal we've selected is also open access, meaning that you and scientists around the world will be able to access it for free, forever, once it's published.

Follow-up Research Papers

Our latest research paper opens the door to further investigation on the subject. From replication studies, to biological studies, to monographs, we have a huge backlog of potential research papers that will require funding to complete and publish.

Facilitated Group Meetings

We would like to invest in training groups of facilitators worldwide to host support groups for spiritual experiencers, and those seeking to evolve themselves spiritually.

Scientific Conference Attendence

No matter how important a scientific discovery, including the discoveries in our latest research paper, other scientists need to be informed and educated in order for progress to be made. Presenting our findings in as many scientific conferences as possible takes time and money, and is one of our goals for the coming year.

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