Emerging Sciences Foundation Projects

Awareness in Action

A call to put our strengths to work and act from a place of pure awareness to bring love, joy, and happiness to your family, your community, and the world. What is your Awareness in Action project? Submit your action for a chance to win a cash prize.

Inward Inquiry

Inward Inquiry

Come explore a new lecture and meditation series with Dr. Mauro Zappaterra tilted Inward Inquiry. Using scientific research and hypothetical or theoretical models about our bodies, mind and consciousness we will continue to investigate how we function as human beings, how we can build greater resiliency, and ultimately dive into our true nature and learn to spend more time with our true selves. Come on this explorative investigation, with love and curiosity. Beginning Feb. 22, 2023 at 10 am Pacific Time/ 1 pm Eastern Time. We will meet every other week. Sign up to receive link to join live.

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Kundalini Experimental Project

The goal of the Kundalini Experimental Project is to create a protocol and predictive model for the achievement of Higher Consciousness. Kundalini is the biological evolutionary mechanism responsible for Higher Consciousness. We also Kundalini's operation in the body as the Sapienic Process.

Discover more about our research Kundalini Experimental Project Overview. Specific practices, recommendations, and survey intake forms can be found on Brilliano. For more information on Kundalini, visit the ICR Learning Center.

Awakening Awareness

The Awakening Awareness program created by Mauro Zappaterra is integrated into the Kundalini Experimental Project and Brilliano. Mauro's techniques are designed for radical personal transformation and growth, informed by the cutting edge of modern science.

You can find the introductory sessions to the Awakening Awareness here on YouTube.

Symposium Video Library (YouTube)

Each year the Emerging Sciences Foundation hosts a variety of speakers from various disciplines related to Higher Consciousness.

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