The Kundalini Experiemental Project Research Proposal


The Kundalini Experimental Project is designed to gather important data on the biological and psychological effects of Kundalini, including metabolomic (blood) measurements. The ultimate goal of the project is to furnish incontrovertible evidence of Kundalini’s operation in the body, in complete contradiction to many fundamental scientific concepts about the mind and body. This includes the observation of a predetermined and highly accelerated evolutionary process unfolding in an individual, and the dual operation of the human reproductive system as both an organ of procreation as well as a source of fuel for the evolution of the brain.

The Kundalini Experimental Project will explore the various methods of gathering data on individuals in whom Kundalini is active. Baseline measurements will be established and measured against during the course of the study.


According to our research model, Kundalini, is a latent psychophysiological mechanism residing primarily in the human nervous and reproductive systems. Extensive research by Richard Bucke and Gopi Krishna, together with first-hand accounts spanning thousands of years, suggest that Kundalini is also a fundamental element behind human consciousness and the brain. Kundalini is also highly correlated with the sexual instinct and the religious impulse for transcendence at the root of the human personality. Kundalini can be voluntarily “awakened” into accelerated activity, though is sometimes active from birth. Once awakened, Kundalini often has a number of benefits for an individual, including:

  • An expanded sense of self and a deeper spiritual connection. An integrated personality, humility, and an improved moral character are some of the most commonly reported character traits.
  • The spontaneous acquisition of new talents, e.g., language talents and increased intellectual abilities.
  • In rare cases, an awakened Kundalini results in the acquisition of a higher dimension of consciousness – the target of the current human evolutionary process. The mystics, saints, and geniuses of the past are all the products of Kundalini working as an evolutionary mechanism.

For background information on the Kundalini Experimental Project, please see the Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) Memorandum for Kundalini Research.

The Kundalini Experimental Project

The Kundalini Experimental Project has two goals:

  1. Explore the various methods of gathering data on Kundalini. Detailed biographic, psychographic, and biological data will be gathered from volunteer participants.
  2. Begin preliminary tests on the efficacy of certain yogic techniques in an effort to awaken Kundalini. Data gathered from the Kundalini Experimental Project will be analyzed and specific techniques and practices will be suggested to participants to voluntarily awaken Kundalini.

The Emerging Sciences Foundation will begin seeking funding for the Kundalini Experimental Project project in 2016.