The stories and wisdom contained in religion and mythology have captivated the human mind for many thousands of years. However, in this age of reason, no one has explained why religion and superstition have continued to hold sway with billions of people around the world despite modern advancements. Kundalini is the biological mechanism responsible for the religious impulse.

Religion and mythology represent cultural artifacts of a deeply ingrained biological mechanism. Just as the sexual instinct causes certain behaviors and cultural norms, Kundalini working in the brain is the genesis of all forms of religion, spirituality, and mythology. The purpose of this mechanism is higher consciousness, the result of an accelerated biological evolution.

Areas of research include:

  • Correlating the writings and experiences of Kundalini-active individuals such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Rumi, etc.
  • Research on religious, mythological, or ancient symbols and metaphors that provide hidden clues into the Kundalini process.
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