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About the Symposium

Kundalini is a word from the ancient Indian (Hindu) tradition, but describes a universal phenomenon found in all cultures throughout the world — the experience of spiritual awakening and the acquisition of genius. According to our hypothesis, Kundalini involves the brain, central nervous system, and reproductive system.

The theme of the 2016 Symposium event is "Kundalini and the Global Shift of Consciousness." Kundalini is the biological basis behind the global shift of consciousness taking place, and understanding it can help us address the most urgent problems of our time. Understanding Kundalini can also help us accelerate our own process of spiritual growth.

The Kundalini Symposium is a conduit for scientists, philosophers, and wisdom-keepers to connect with a growing international community of supporters. Kundalini is the most important idea in the world today, with the power to revolutionize our understanding of all major aspect of human life, including the environment, politics, economics, health, psychology, etc. The Symposium invites a broad range of interdisciplinary speakers to help advance our understanding of the subject.

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2016 Keynote Speaker Carl Calleman

carlCarl Johan Calleman is a scientist and philosopher who has devoted his past thirty years to understanding the evolution of consciousness and life based on the Mayan calendar. Born in Stockholm, Sweden he gained a Ph.D. in Physical Biology and spent twenty years doing laboratory research into toxicology and Cancer Research.

In 1994 he left his career in the hard sciences behind and started to lecture about one of the greatest mysteries of our time: The Mayan Calendar and has for instance written six books on this topic with the aim of making this accessible to modern people. His focus has been on explaining both biological and mental evolution up until the current time and beyond.

Event Speakers

JJ Semple
JJ Semple
Teri Degler
Teri Degler
Corinne Lebrun
Corinne Lebrun
Michael Bradford
Michael Bradford
Michael Molina
Michael Molina

Event Moderator

Linda Molina
Linda Molina

Event Program

All times given are in Pacific Standard Time

Presentation Details

8:00am PST – Presentation: The Guardian of Human Evolution

Wars, revolutions, terrorism, and other violent upheavals have been a constant feature of human civilization since the dawn of recorded history. In our current scientifically advanced age, the consequences of this aspect of human behavior have become far more serious. With the advent of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the very survival of our species is now in doubt.

In this presentation, the role of Kundalini in human evolution will be examined. In light of this, it will be shown how knowledge of this divine power will not only be the solution to this dilemma, but will guide humanity into a glorious future that we cannot even imagine at present.

Speaker: Michael Bradford

jjMichael Bradford has been involved in research on Kundalini for more than 35 years. In 1977 he traveled to India where he spent six years serving as a volunteer worker for the Central Institute for Kundalini Research, founded and directed by the late Pandit Gopi Krishna. Michael has been a board member of the Institute for Consciousness Research (I.C.R.) since it was founded, and has been Director of Publications during this time.

In 1985 he began working full time as an IT consultant in the data processing field, and retired in March 2014. He began studying Vedic astrology with Hart DeFouw in 1995, and in 2003 founded his own vedic astrology practice.

8:30am PST – The Golden Flower and the Global Shift

JJ contrasts today’s Kundalini environment with the early 1970s when his Kundalini awakened, a time when information on the subject was next to nonexistent. JJ had never heard the word, nor did he possess the wherewithal to understand, much less deal with, the power that had engulfed his being. Months after his awakening, he discovered Gopi Krishna’s book, Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, which helped clarify what had happened to him.

In 1977, he traveled to Kashmir to meet Gopi Krishna. Gopi demystified many aspects of the phenomenon and provided him with guidelines for living with the energy. They discussed the Golden Flower Meditation method JJ used to activate Kundalini, the method described in The Secret of the Golden Flower. Gopi was familiar with the sexual sublimation process that is the basis of the method.

JJ told him that sometime in the future — after his Kundalini was better integrated — he would teach this method as a safe, permanent way of activating Kundalini and Gopi encouraged him to do so.

JJ concludes the presentation with an objective survey of the reasons and conditions which have led to a “Global Shift of Consciousness.” This includes an evidence-based overview of science, religion, and spirituality and the “evolutionary impulse” that animates them.

Speaker: JJ Semple

JJ SempleJJ Semple is the author of four best-selling non-fiction books dealing with energy cultivation techniques, kundalini, meditation, consciousness, alchemy, sexual sublimation, enlightenment, and mindfulness and their effect on human evolution. His first book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, is a creative non-fiction memoir of his Kundalini activation. His second book, The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death, takes an expanded look at an optimal method for activating Kundalini in a safe, permanent, and repeatable fashion over the course of a single lifetime. The Biology of Consciousness: Case Studies in Kundalini examines the paranormal aspects of consciousness and its relation to human biology and to the transmission of paranormal abilities to future generations through DNA. Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini addresses the issue of maintaining an active sex life while practicing energy cultivation techniques.

JJ Semple’s formal education includes studying English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University, and a master’s degree in marketing from Hauts Etudes de Commerce in Paris. His personal education involves yogic and paranormal practices and exploration inspired by a wide variety of teachers, writers and philosophers, including Gopi Krishna, Milarepa, Carl Gustav Jung, Leo Tolstoy, and Lao Tse.

He is the founder of Life Force Books, a publishing company featuring books on the neuroplasticity aspects of Kundalini and helpful guidelines for living with Kundalini. His Golden Flower Meditation method (GFM) is practiced by neophytes and adepts all over the world. In addition, he teaches sexual sublimation techniques for facilitating the kundalini process.

9:00am – Tools for the Next Generation of Kundalini Experiencers

More people than ever are reporting indications of Kundalini expansion and awakening. The collective evolutionary intelligence of humanity is opening up states of consciousness that result in human connection and compassion in more and more individuals. This can be seen as manifesting in the world as more and more consciously based communities are emerging. There is an entire social movement of consciously based social activities that is gaining momentum such as conscious communities, festivals, music, for benefit business and even education. However, there has been a lack of pragmatic information about Kundalini and spiritual awakening phenomena readily available,and locating useful and pragmatic information has been challenging. But thankfully social media has made reaching out to and finding like minded people easier and easier and offers the opportunity to share valuable resources now can empower our spiritual journeys.

This new phase of human evolution has opened the door to what can only be seen as being superhuman in the old paradigm. It is important to have tools to feel empowered while feeling increasing sensations of energy moving through the body, increased sensitivity to people and outside energies, and learning to navigate some of the feelings of powerlessness and loneliness that can occur. I will share some tools that people can that can be used on a daily basis to deepen spiritual connection while being able to fully participate in the world. They include certain forms of mediation, very specific yoga practices, and psychology hacks and natural supplements that can enrich and empower your journey.

Speaker: Corinne Lebrun

Corinne LebrunCorinne’s journey with mystical experiences begun as a young child which led her on a rich academic path of inquiry into various subjects such as theoretical physics, anthropology, psychology and various mystical traditions. She has a M.S. in Psychology her studies focus on how spiritual awakenings impact positive social evolution.

She is also KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healer, a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic School, and is a dancer, musician, artist and writer. Corinne has created a career in empowering start-ups and purpose driven organizations to be successful. Her career has led her to work with brilliant minds from places such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA and the Alliance for Innovation in Science and Technology Information. Her company Pitch Deck Ninjas serves the business sector. She is also the founder of Wild Divine Bliss, an educational forum for kundalini awakenings.

9:30am Keynote Presentation – Kundalini and the Mayan Calendar

The human mind is not created by our brains, but emerges as a result of resonance with a Global Mind. This Global Mind in turn is created through waves of creation emanating from the center of the universe. These nine waves, which were the underlying basis of the ancient Mayan calendar system are sequentially activated in such a way that an evolution of the human mind results. Critical for our own time is the activation in 2011 of the ninth and highest frequency wave, which holds the potential of fostering a state of unity consciousness and Kundalini experiences. Ancient peoples looked upon serpents (sometimes plumed serpents) as symbols of these creation waves as well as of Kundalini experiences and the Mayan calendar can serve to explain how these phenomena manifest in both the microcosmos and macrocosmos.

Speaker: Carl Calleman

carlCarl Johan Calleman is a scientist and philosopher who has devoted his past thirty years to understanding the evolution of consciousness and life based on the Mayan calendar. Born in Stockholm, Sweden he gained a Ph.D. in Physical Biology and spent twenty years doing laboratory research into toxicology and Cancer Research. In this capacity he was a Senior Researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle and has served as an expect for the World Health Organization in addition to giving lectures at places like MIT, Institut Pasteur, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and the National Cancer Institute in Tokyo.

In 1994 he left his carrier in the hard sciences behind and started to lecture about one of the greatest mysteries of our time: The Mayan Calendar and has for instance written six books on this topic with the aim of making this accessible to modern people. The most recent books are The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization (June 2016) and The Nine Waves of Creation – Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity (December 2016). His focus has been on explaining both biological and mental evolution up until the current time and beyond. He has also worked with Mayan elders such as Hunbatz Men and Don Alejandro Oxlaj and helped them to get their message out. For his own spiritual evolution Carl Calleman has been part of the Oneness University in India, which looks upon Kundalini energy as a crucial element in this.

10:00am – Creativity and the Global Shift

The yearning to be creative and to create is sweeping humanity. In the last year tens of thousands of books were self-published, countless indie musicians and film-makers posted their creations online, and sites like Pinterest are flooded with beautiful art, photography, and videos.

Could this flood of creative longing and conception be a sign that kundalini-shakti is stirring in us?

Certainly the ancient yogic and Tantric scriptures make many references to the relationship between kundalini-shakti and inspired creativity. Śankarācārya’s beloved text Suandaryalaharī tells us that those who worship Shakti and awaken kundalini-shakti are blessed with words as beautiful as “moon-gems” that flow with the sweetness of “honey, milk and grapes.” The Tantric text Panchastavi praises Shakti saying: “Thou art the source of all sounds in the universe. Thou art also the origin of all speech and (hence) art.”

If the yearning to express ourselves creatively is indeed a sign that kundalini-shakti, as the evolutionary energy, is calling out to us and transforming our consciousness, it means that being “creative” is not, as some believe, a frivolous activity. What’s more, it’s an indication that allowing creative expression might be one of the safest, healthiest ways to foster the awakening of kundalini-shakti. After all, if Shakti is – as yogic texts tell us – the creative force of the universe, isn’t she also the creative force within us?

Speaker: Teri Degler

Teri DeglerAward-winning author Teri Degler has ten books to her credit including The Fiery Muse: Creativity and the Spiritual Quest (Random House, Canada). Teri has spent many years writing on yoga philosophy, Tantra, kundalini-shakti, and the lives of highly creative women mystics. A deep interest in kundalini has lead her to do extensive research on the divine feminine known as Shakti in Hinduism and the parallels found in Sophia in Christianity and Shekinah in Jewish mysticism. Teri’s books have been translated into French, German, and Italian, and her freelance writing has appeared in many publications in the U.S. and Canada. She teaches workshops on writing and creative expression and has made many media appearances. Her most recent book, The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self, was an # 1 Bestseller in two spiritual categories.

10:30am – Kundalini and the Global Shift

There are a lot of opinions out there about Kundalini, but hardly anyone has taken the time to seriously investigate the subject with the tools of modern science. Beneath all the superstition and conjecture about Kundalini lies buried the most important ideas of our time – the existence of a biological mechanism responsible for our evolution toward higher dimensions of consciousness. After having his own experience of Higher Consciousness, Michael Molina is now leading an exciting research effort to uncover the secrets of Kundalini and how to awaken it in a healthy way. In this presentation, Michael presents Kundalini in the light of this research, and shows how Kundalini has the potential to change the world.

Speaker: Michael Molina

jjMichael Molina is the founder and president of the Emerging Sciences Foundation. With nearly 20 years experience in technology, research, and marketing, Michael has devoted himself to raising public awareness about Kundalini. He is married with two young sons.

11:00am – Speaker Discussion and Q&A

In this final part of the symposium, all of the speakers will take questions from the audience and will engage in a lively open discussion.

Event Moderator: Linda Molina

Linda MolinaLinda has been an ESF board member since 2009. As the Kundalini Data Insights lead, Linda manages the creation of surveys and analyzes data for the Kundalini Database Project. She feels that working in the spirit of service yields the best results. She is married with two young sons.