How The Kundalini Experimental Project Works

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature.” ~ Michael Faraday

What is Kundalini?


Kundalini is a word from the ancient Indian (Hindu) tradition, but describes a universal phenomenon found in all cultures throughout the world — the experience of spiritual awakening and the acquisition of genius. According to our hypothesis, Kundalini involves the brain, central nervous system, and reproductive system. As our consciousness evolves, a more potent form of nerve energy (life energy or prana) is required to fuel the brain. A Kundalini awakening occurs when the paranormal centers in the brain become active, demanding a more potent source of subtle energy to fuel its activity. The energy source is located in the reproductive system, which is sent upward through the spinal canal and into the brain. When this process is working properly the result is an individual with increased wisdom, intuition, moral characteristics, genius, or who is endowed with Higher Consciousness, also known as Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, Satori, Samadhi, etc.

The Kundalini Experimental Project – How it Works

One of the goals of The Kundalini Experimental Project is to help people cultivate a healthy Kundalini process. Some participants may also attempt to activate or awaken Kundalini using the tools the project provides. Here are the steps that we use to make the Project work:

Step 1 – Gather Data

We currently use surveys to gather data from spiritual seekers. These surveys have been created to understand the nature of the spiritual experiences you may have had, as well as life factors and behaviors (e.g., types of meditation) that might be responsible for certain types of spiritual experiences. We are also planning metabolomics (blood) tests to supplement our survey data, which would require funding.

Step 2 – Uncover Research Insights

We then apply sophisticated statistical and machine learning techniques to mine the vast amounts of data collected. These methods reveal patterns in the data, allowing us a unique window into the nature of spiritual experiences. The research is guided by a panel well-educated in Kundalini and a variety of cross-disciplinary fields.

Step 3 – Provide Insights and Recommendations Back to the Public

Lastly, our ultimate goal is to provide spiritual seekers with data-driven recommendations to assist them along in their Kundalini process. Because of our research and our unique perspective on Kundalini we’ve been able to identify the goal of this process. Brilliano, the platform where the Project data insights will be made available for free to the public, offers a community of spiritual seekers to connect with.

Why Research Kundalini?

The ultimate goal of Kundalini research is to furnish irrefutable evidence of Kundalini’s operation in the body, which would be in complete contradiction to many fundamental scientific concepts about the mind and body. This includes the observation of a predetermined and highly accelerated evolutionary process unfolding in an individual, and the dual operation of the human reproductive system as both an organ of procreation as well as a source of fuel for the evolution of the brain. We are confident that, armed with this new discovery, humankind will turn her attention toward the exploration of the inner world of consciousness and will vindicate the core of all major religious teachings. Explore how Kundalini will impact every major domain of human thought and activity through our Worldmap.