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During the past 200 to 300 years, empirical science slowly removed God (the intelligence behind the universe) and the human soul from its inquiry. As a result, the seeds of materialism took root, creating fertile soil for the major geopolitical and sociological problems we face today. For example, Darwinian evolutionary theory describes a generally random process with no predetermined goal, since being predetermined, by definition, infers God or a higher intelligence. The idea of “survival of the fittest” was extended by economists to apply to our macroeconomic systems, helping create the highly competitive global economic system in the world today. The fact that this system has given rise to nuclear weapons with the capability to destroy all life on the planet is a clear sign that something is amiss. The purpose of science is to understand the world around us, and no other area of science has as much potential to do this as Kundalini research. The goal of the Emerging Sciences Foundation is to investigate a hypothesized mechanism within the body responsible for all spiritual and religious experience. The goal of this mechanism is the development of higher dimensions of consciousness and the evolution of the brain. A large-scale experiment conducted by skeptical scientists would be able to scientifically verify the existence of this intelligent mechanism working in the body. This discovery would have significant implications for evolutionary theory, psychology, biology, mental health, and potentially many other areas of science. A clear understanding of the benefits of this process would likely, in slow course of time, subjugate nearly every branch of science in service of elevating the consciousness of our species. Areas of research include: Kundalini’s impact on the theory of evolution, e.g., evolution of the brain toward higher dimensions of consciousness.