An Open Letter From the Founder

The Future of Scientific Research

The phenomena of religion, spirituality, and mystical or transcendental experience have long been shrouded in mystery. From a scientific point of view, little is known about the biological or evolutionary implications of the religious instinct which has dominated the landscape of human life for at least the past 5,000 years.

Over the past 200 years, works by luminaries such as Richard Maurice Bucke and Gopi Krishna have opened up new avenues of scientific research to empirically demonstrate the existence of a super-intelligent evolutionary mechanism within the body, termed “Kundalini” in the ancient Indian tradition.

An Ancient and Empirically Verifiable Phenomenon

A scientific hypothesis and set of empirical research methods have been developed to allow even the most skeptical scientists to validate the existence and operation of Kundalini within the human body. The hypothesis states that Kundalini is the biological basis of religion, genius, and insanity, and can be voluntarily awakened to accelerated activity. In its awakened state, it is possible for the brain to achieve new levels of heightened activity and accelerated evolution. Finally, if this process of evolution is allowed to proceed unhindered, it is possible for individuals to arrive at the next phase of human evolution, historically labelled as Enlightenment, Samadhi, Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, etc. The scientific validation of a predetermined evolutionary process, guided by a higher intelligence, is the ultimate goal of our research.

Kundalini’s biological and empirically verifiable characteristics set it apart from all other forms of supernatural phenomena, justifying it as the primary focus of the Emerging Sciences Foundation. There are many valuable resources available about our specific approach, including important books and online learning materials, available on the Institute for Consciousness Research website. We encourage you to resist the urge of mental lethargy, bias, and hubris, now rampant in modern society, and join us on the same voyage of discovery which has been the preoccupation of the most enlightened cultures of antiquity.

Michael Molina


Founder, The Emerging Sciences Foundation