Kundalini Connections - You are the scientist, you are the laboratory

November 11, 2017 at 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time

The annual Kundalini Connections conference brings together timeless ancient wisdom and new transformative insights into peoples’ lives. Organized and hosted by the Emerging Sciences Foundation, Kundalini Connections is dedicated to personal and global transformation. At Kundalini Connections you’ll learn, connect, and evolve. You’ll hear from thought leaders from diverse fields and will walk away with new knowledge, inspirational ideas, and new ways to connect knowledge with practice.

Best of all, you’ll have lots of fun as we explore this exciting field of inquiry!

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A Year of Healing

The theme of this year’s event is “Kundalini: The Key to Personal and Global Healing.” Never before has the world been so united, and yet so divided. Political strife, unrest, and turmoil are a constant feature of life on a global scale. These events indicate a deep need for transformation and healing, which always begin on a personal level. After thousands of years, the symbol of Kundalini as a serpent is still a symbol of healing. In this year’s conference, our speakers will explore the relationship between Kundalini and the healing process on an individual, global, and scientific level. Kundalini is the biological basis behind the global shift of consciousness taking place, and understanding it can help us address the most urgent problems of our time. Understanding Kundalini can also help us accelerate our own process of spiritual growth.

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About the Conference

Kundalini Connections is a conduit for scientists, philosophers, mystics, activists, thought leaders, and wisdom-keepers to connect with a growing international community of supporters. Kundalini is one of the most important ideas in the world today, with the power to revolutionize our understanding of all major aspect of human life, including the environment, politics, economics, health, psychology, etc. The conference invites a broad range of interdisciplinary speakers to help advance our understanding of the subject.

Kundalini is a word from the ancient Indian (Hindu) tradition, but describes a universal phenomenon found in all cultures throughout the world — the experience of spiritual awakening and the acquisition of genius. Kundalini is the biological mechanism behind evolution and mystical experience, the goal of evolution.

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2017 Keynote Speaker Laura Styler

Laura Styler is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the world’s premier institute for the study of the Human Energy Field, hands-on-healing, and Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a graduate of the School for Non-Dual Healing and Awakening and a Certified Fertility Awareness, Reproductive Health Educator.

For over a decade, Laura has been working together with doctors and other complimentary practitioners as part of a health care team, to enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities especially with auto-immune disorders, pain management, and fertility since opening her private practice in NYC. As a kinesthetic empath with psychic and clairvoyant abilities Laura can see the energy meridians, chakras, and fields within the Human Energy-Consciousness system. She specializes in repairing rips,​ and what she calls “micr​o-tears” with surgical-like precision through energy transmission and light touch​.

In 2005 when symptomatic issues arose, along with a spike in her psychic abilities after receiving energy work from an untrained healer, she was told she was having a Kundalini awakening. This led her on a path of personal healing and transformation where she discovered her “new gifts” were due to unhealthy tears and energy leaks in her energy field. Years later after reaching an authentic Kundalini Bliss State she now teaches Empaths, and Energetic Sensitives how to develop healthy energetic boundaries in order to enhance their gifts, without taking on others’ emotions or ​physical pain.

Event Speakers

Linda Molina

Linda Molina

Bi-Ma Anden

Bi-Ma Andén

Michael Bradford

Michael Bradford

Corinne Lebrun

Glen Payne

Event Moderator

Michael Molina

Michael Molina

Event Program

The event will be held on November 11 at 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time. All times given are in Pacific Standard Time

Speaker Bios and Presentations

Why Kundalini?

2:00pm PST

Through the understanding and awareness of her own transformation process, Linda came to understand that humility and surrender are key to healing ourselves and therefore the world. Join Linda as she takes us on a quick journey of the magic of healing and the Kundalini process. She also covers the general direction that the Emerging Sciences is headed towards.

About Linda Molina

Linda Molina has been an ESF board member since 2009. Linda helps manage and administrate all ESF activities. She has been committed to self-healing and transformation for over 10 years and is in service for humanity, especially in these crucial times. She is married with two sons. Linda can be contacted via Brilliano.

Kundalini and Manifesting our Full Human Potential

2:15pm PST

The most difficulties about having Kundalini experiences have been that they have been
so unfamiliar to most people within our modern separated cultures. Nothing in my life is
though more beneficial and healing today than my Kundalini awareness and to the
extent I allow and acknowledge it to be naturally present and actually guide my life. I
would say; The Divine Light, the Spirit, the Consciousness, the Chakras, the Body, the
Earth and the entire Cosmos are held together and experienced by Kundalini from

In my view a genuine holistic understanding of life, including spirituality and science,
and holistic conscious living cannot exist without also including Kundalini. To share
experiences and ways found to be supportive for dealing with and understand Kundalini
might be the most important for humanity to find and live all-inclusive human

About Bi-Ma Andén

Bi-Ma AndenWhat has influenced my life most profoundly is awakened Kundalini, which was very
arduous at times but has enriched me with the most amazing gifts. Very profound
mystical experiences happened to me naturally already as very young and I thought it
was so for everybody. In 1976 att the age of 30 a very arduous Kundalini experience got me
to feel extremely different and outside. I had never heard of Kundalini at that time, and it
took me 11 years until I at my first visit to India found a book about it. From that
moment my whole life became a very conscious life journey. I have since then studied a
lot about Kundalini and Mysticism besides University studies in Eastern and Western
Philosophy. Meditation and as well many visits to India during 30 years have played
vital roles in my life.

I am very impressed by and grateful for all the sources of information and experiences I
have been able to get to know after I did start my own private profound Kundalini
research 2011 using Internet. That’s how I came in contact with ICR and ESF with

Kundalini: The Guardian of Evolution: Personal and Global

2:40pm PST

This presentation will explore how healing, both personal and global,
comes from Kundalini in its role as an aspect of Shakti—the creative Power that
brings the universe into manifestation. The various ways that this divine Power
affects the development, functioning, and healing of the body will be described,
using examples from some of the latest discoveries in biochemistry. The role of
Kundalini-Shakti as the guardian of human evolution will then be discussed, with
an explanation of how this amazing Power brings about evolutionary
transformation in the race as a whole.

About Michael Bradford

Michael BradfordMichael Bradford has been involved in research on Kundalini for 40
years. In 1977 he traveled to India where he spent six years serving as a
volunteer worker for the Central Institute for Kundalini Research, founded and
directed by the late Pandit Gopi Krishna. Michael has been a board member of
the Institute for Consciousness Research (I.C.R.) since it was founded, and has
been Director of Publications during this time. He is also on the Board of
Directors of the Emerging Sciences Foundation (E.S.F.)

In 1985 he began working full time as an IT consultant in the data processing
field, and retired in 2014. Since then, he has devoted his time and energy to the
promotion of Kundalini Research. In April 2017 he published his first
book—Consciousness: The New Paradigm, which explores how some of the
latest developments in biochemistry and quantum physics support Gopi Krishna’s
theories about Kundalini. The book is now available in ebook and printed format
on Amazon.com.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER LAURA STYLER – Kundalini: Mapping the Mechanism of Consciousness

3:05pm PST

Kundalini is a divine mechanism of consciousness which can transform the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It creates patterns in energy because it precedes energy. The modern day confusion between the physical symptoms and sensations of the Human Electromagnetic Field and Kundalini needs be to reevaluated and redefined. Only by differentiating between the energy and the mechanism can we refine our relationship to Kundalini.

Early explorers sailed across oceans to map the physical world. We are the explorers of energy, sailing through new experiences, to map the Kundalini Template for both personal and global healing.

Kundalini and Quantum Physics

3:45pm PST

Discoveries in quantum physics are leading many scientists to conclude there is something wrong with materialism – the theory that matter is the fundamental substance in nature and that all things, including consciousness, are the result of material interactions. Science is beginning to acknowledge the possibility that consciousness could be the basis of the material world. This presentation explores the evidence for a consciousness-based universe and the implications for how the Kundalini phenomenon can be viewed.

About Glen Payne

Corinne LebrunGlen Payne initially studied in the fields of biochemistry and microbiology, moving on to a 25 year career in Information Technology. He has been practising Transcendental Meditation for over forty years and is a qualified instructor. His own experiences with Kundalini awakening lead to active research in the field, with a particular focus on scientific corroboration of ancient wisdom.

Speaker Discussion and Q&A


In this final part of the symposium, all of the speakers will take questions from the audience and will engage in a lively open discussion.

Event Moderator: Michael Molina

Michael MolinaMichael Molina is the founder and president of the Emerging Sciences Foundation. With nearly 20 years experience in technology, research, and marketing, Michael has devoted himself to raising public awareness about Kundalini. He is married with two young sons.