The Kundalini Experimental Project: Data-Driven. Not Dogma-Driven

The Kundalini Experimental Project

The Emerging Sciences Foundation (ESF) has been using the data gathered from the survey’s to scientifically investigate Kundalini-the mechanism that gives humans the yearning to know and better thyself (ICR Memorandum for Kundalini Research). Preliminary findings suggest Kundalini may be an inherent mechanism within human psychophysiology and its activation leads to profound changes in sensory perception and expansion of consciousness resulting in verifiable mystical experience (ESF Kundalini Profile Survey Preliminary Analysis). Understanding the rules to follow in developing this human potential would transform our global society and usher in a new era of peace.


  • The Kundalini Profile Survey, released in December 2014, measures experiences such as energy sensations, unusual sensory perceptions, mystical experiences and spiritual practices as well as demographic characteristics. People from around the world have completed this survey, many reporting significant Kundalini experiences. The survey was administered via a social network application called Brilliano.
  • The Personal Background Survey, released in October 2017, measures personal information such as lifestyle, beliefs, environmental and hereditary factors that could have a positive impact on the Kundalini awakening process.

Research Paper

We are currently working with Mauro Zappaterra a Harvard Medical Doctor on a research paper to submit to scientific journals based on an updated data analysis.

As part of its mission to raise awareness of Kundalini, The ESF holds an annual symposium in November. Make sure to signup for updates and volunteer opportunities as we move forward with this mission.


An Opportunity to Transform Yourself and the World

Thousands of years ago, in various parts of the world, a major discovery was made – an intelligent mechanism in the body responsible for the process of spiritual awakening itself. In India, the name used for this discovery was “Kundalini.” On the physical level, Kundalini exists as a metabolic system whose purpose is to upgrade the brain and to elevate it to higher forms of consciousness. There is overwhelming evidence that ancient cultures knew about Kundalini and the methods to accelerate it, which can result in profound physical and psychological effects. Due to these effects, and since it is a natural process, Kundalini can be studied and measured just as any other area of science.

Kundalini – Not Just “Kundalini Yoga”

Kundalini isn’t just “Kundalini Yoga,” as most people know it by — it actually represents the biological basis of all spiritual experiences and, we believe, the force driving the evolution of humanity. The Kundalini Experimental Project is designed to provide you the information you need to be your own “guru.” To take your spiritual destiny into your own hands. Learn more about the difference between Kundalini Yoga and the science of Kundalini.

New to Kundalini?

We strongly recommend you visit the Institute for Consciousness Research’s Learning Center to learn the basics about Kundalini.
Our donor kits contain a collection of the absolute best resources on Kundalini found anywhere.

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