Help us investigate the secret behind spiritual experience

One of our research goals is to help people cultivate a healthy spiritual awakening. We provide the knowledge and the tools to help you along the way. Here’s how:

Step 1
Participate in the Awakening Awareness Program

Awakening Awareness is a recurring program that integrates medical science and consciousness that is taught by Harvard medical doctor Mauro Zappaterra. We meet every other Wednesday at 10 am Pacific Time.

In this program, you will learn and explore:

Awakening our awareness to higher consciousness with lessons and meditations that are simple yet profound

Integrate the 5 senses
Cultivate the subtle inner sense
Explore the outer senses
Build a relationship with the fluids and tissues of our body
Expand your perception

If you are ready to elevate your awareness, become embodied in your physiology, build a relationship with your senses, the CSF and your brain, then consider this your invitation to this powerful new program that is backed by science and a community of support.

Are you ready to awaken your awareness? Then sign up now!

Step 2
Help uncover research insights

We take the collected data from our questionnaires and then apply statistics and machine learning techniques to mine it for insights. These methods reveal patterns in the data, allowing us a unique window into the nature of spiritual experiences. The research is guided by experts in the field. The questionnaires can be found in Brilliano.

Step 3
A revolutionary project to achieve spiritual growth and states of consciousness.: The Transformative Experience Group

Apply research insights to your practice. Join this new project aimed at helping you achieve a spiritual awakening with our recommended practices. We provide a set of daily practices to be practiced for a two week period. These practices are designed to enhance your spiritual life and make organic changes to the brain. We meet every other week on Wednesday 6 pm Pacific time to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

To join the group, and to access resources and meeting recordings, please sign up.

kundalini (ku̇n-də-ˈlē-nē) n. 1. The biological basis of all forms of spiritual experience, religion, genius, and higher consciousness. 2. The fundamental force responsible for human evolution.

The ESF Annual Symposium 2020

From Spiritual Awakening to Global Transformation: The Key to the Future of Humanity
November 29, 2020 at 10:00 am Pacific Time
ESF Symposium, our annual conference, is a conduit for scientists, philosophers, mystics, activists, thought leaders, and wisdom-keepers to connect with a growing international community of supporters. Kundalini is one of the most important ideas in the world today, with the power to revolutionize our understanding of all major aspects of human life, including the environment, politics, economics, health, psychology, etc. At ESF Symposium you’ll learn, connect, and evolve. You’ll hear from thought leaders from diverse fields and will walk away with new knowledge, inspirational ideas, and new ways to connect knowledge with practice.

The event is 100% free and all videos will remain free! You will be able to access these important videos on YouTube after the conference. Like what we are doing? Show your support by donating to this important cause.

The events of 2020 speak loud and clear: humankind needs a serious re-evaluation of almost every aspect of our existence. In this year’s conference we examine science, education, environment, politics, economics, etc. through the lens of our continued psychophysiological and spiritual evolution, with Kundalini as the biological mechanism behind it. There are alternatives to our current way of life and modes of thought that can assist this evolution, instead of hinder it. A total transformation of this world is possible, beginning with some of the ideas shared in this year’s conference.

Keynote speaker: Benjamin Decker
To learn more and register please go to our event page.