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About the symposium

ESF Symposium, our free, live annual online symposium, is a conduit for scientists, philosophers, mystics, activists, thought leaders, and wisdom-keepers to connect with a growing international community of supporters. At the Emerging Sciences Foundation (ESF), we believe that Kundalini is one of the most important ideas in the world today, with the power to revolutionize our understanding of all major aspects of human life, including the environment, politics, economics, health, psychology, etc (that’s why it’s free and will remain free). Here you’ll learn, connect, and evolve. You’ll hear from thought leaders from diverse fields and will walk away with new knowledge, inspirational ideas, and new ways to connect knowledge with practice.

kundalini (kuṇ-ḍə-ˈli-nē) n. 1. The biological basis of all forms of spiritual experience, religion, genius, and higher consciousness. 2. The evolutionary energy residing in the human body.

Kundalini is a word from ancient India, but describes a universal phenomenon found in all cultures throughout the world — the experience of spiritual awakening. Kundalini is the biological mechanism behind evolution, spiritual transformations and Higher Consciousness- the goal of evolution.

2021 Theme: Advancing the Science of Spiritual Transformation

A new science of spiritual transformation is taking shape. In this year’s symposium, a diverse group of speakers – a filmmaker, scientists, researchers, spiritual practitioners, and change leaders – will reveal their work and observations related to the hidden power behind spiritual transformation. Participants will learn about the latest developments in the spiritual super-science of the future, and will benefit from guidance about their own personal process of spiritual evolution.

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Neurotheology in Spiritual Transformation by Andrew Newberg

01:15pm PST

Neurotheology is the field of study exploring the relationship between the brain and our religious and spiritual self. We will focus on how neurotheology can be used to explore the physiological and neurobiological effects of spiritual practices and experiences with a focus on transformative aspects. This presentation will outline the major principles that are the foundation for future neurotheological research. It will focus on the spiritual transformation that has been observed during intense spiritual or awakening experiences and will include the latest brain scan studies and research results. And we will consider how science and religion can interact successfully to form this new field of study and enlighten us about spiritual transformation.

                Andrew Newberg

Andrew B. Newberg, M.D. is currently the Research Director at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital in Philadelphia. He is a Professor in the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Newberg has been particularly involved in the study of mystical and religious experiences, a field referred to as “neurotheology”. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed articles and chapters on brain function, brain imaging, and the study of religious and mystical experiences. He has published 12 books which have been translated into 17 different languages. He was listed as one of the 30 Most Influential Neuroscientists Alive Today by the Online Psychology Degree Guide. He is the co-author of many best-selling books among which, “How God Changes Your Brain” (Ballantine) and, “Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief” (Ballantine). He has presented his work at scientific and religious meetings throughout the world and has appeared on Dr. Oz, StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Good Morning America, Nightline, 20/20, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, as well as in the nationally distributed movies: “What the Bleep Do We Know?”; Bill Maher’s “Religulous”; and “Awake: The Life of Yogananda.” His work has been featured in a number of major media articles including in Newsweek, Time, National Geographic, Discovery, New York Times, O Magazine, Los Angeles Times, London Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Readers Digest.

Spontaneous Spiritual Awakenings by Jessica Corneille

10:40am PST

The scientific community is only just beginning to acknowledge the healing potential of mystical experiences mediated by psychedelic drugs and spiritual contemplative practices, yet awakening experiences of a sudden, spontaneous nature have scarcely been explored within the scientific framework, despite a vast amount of anecdotal evidence pointing to their long-term impacts on perception, cognition, behavior, and well-being. To date, mainstream psychology has tended to pathologize these experiences by default, and the topic is still largely misunderstood and misinterpreted in the West. In this talk, I will present our research on the phenomenological variances, individual differences, and well-being impacts of spontaneous awakening experiences, and my mission to ‘de-mystify’ mystical experience in mainstream psychology. To conclude, I will discuss my thoughts on how these experiences (and their research) can help facilitate humanity’s progress towards a more compassionate, understanding and united world.

Q&A to follow this talk

          Jessica Corneille

Jessica Corneille, MSc is a Research Psychologist specialised in spontaneous spiritual awakening experiences. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology (Distinction) from the University of Greenwich, where she focused her studies on Altered States of Consciousness. With a passion to bridge the worlds of science and spirituality, her mission is to challenge the default pathologisation of awakening experiences by helping to inform and encourage mainstream psychology to look beyond the current designated spectrum of ‘normality’, to encompass the transpersonal as something that is intrinsic to the human experience. Jessica has given a number of talks, including with the British Psychological Society (BPS). She works for the Scientific and Medical Network and Galileo Commission, is a collaborator of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium and Spiritual Crisis Network, and is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

               David Luke

Dr David Luke is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Greenwich. His research focuses on transpersonal experiences, anomalous phenomena and altered states of consciousness, especially via psychedelics, having published more than 100 academic papers in this area, including ten books, most recently Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experience. When he is not running clinical drug trials with LSD, conducting DMT field experiments or observing apparent weather control with Mexican shamans he directs the Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness salon and is a co founder and director of Breaking Convention: International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness.
Check out their recent article:

Spontaneous Spiritual Awakenings: Phenomenology, Altered States, Individual Differences, and Well-Being


Event Program & Speakers

The event will be held on November 13 at 10:30am Pacific Standard Time. All times given are in Pacific Standard Time

  • Event Host

              Susan Furness

    Susan Furness’s approach is a bit different from the crowd. She straddles Strategy and Spirituality honing spiritual intelligence guided by models such as and She is a global nomad from London who calls Arabia home as she looks in different places for new answers to leadership while remaining decisively human in the digital era.

    Grounding Exercise

       Meredith Sands Keator

    Meredith Sands Keator is a somatic therapist trained in Shiatsu, Eastern diagnostics and acupuncture who has pioneered an understanding of the geometric frequencies of the nervous system and what this means to personal healing. This also offers a unified understanding of Eastern and Western medicine that suggests a direction of the future of medical models. She is the founder of Neural Resonance Therapy® and the Director of Somatic Stretch®, and their International Training Program, teaching people how to improve health through the understanding of fractal anatomy, and therapists how to improve treatment results by working directly with the nervous system through a geometric lens. Visit her website here.

  • Speakers

    The Difference between Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga – Finding Hidden Treasure by Corinne Lebrun

    11:25 AM PST

    What’s the difference between kundalini and kundalini yoga? How do the hidden differences between the two reveal themselves? And what does this say about the possibilities that kundalini energy unlocks? Let’s take a journey into the history of Kundalini Yoga, misconceptions about kundalini, and how cognitive bias can get in the way of our spiritual journey.

                Corinne Lebrun

    Corinne Lebrun M.S. is an author, business advisor, educator, and creative artist. Her mystical experiences as a child led her to study the bridge between science and spirituality. Part of her journey has been cultivating spiritual practices and gathering scientifically-based information to help people stay connected to their spiritual path while living a normal daily life. She founded Uplevel Ninja Academy for individuals who have had spiritual experiences and seek tools to advance. Corinne is working on her Ph.D. in Psychology, is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and a Research Associate at The Emerging Sciences Foundation.


    Who am I that is asking “who am I”? by Thornton Streeter

    12:00 PM PST

    Let’s ask and answer the big question and simultaneously enjoy a guided Kundalini Experience. Journey to that place in space and time where we open the ‘I’.

         Dr Thornton Streeter

    Dr. Thornton Streeter DSc. is Director of The Centre for Biofield Sciences ( He has spent over thirty years specialising on researching the human biofield. Dr. Streeter is the co-developer with John Catchpole of the Biofield Viewer ( He is currently in Mexico establishing an online 24 hours global distant screening service. He serves on the Board of the Emerging Science Foundation.


    Navigating the Kundalini Experience by Ann Mathie

    12:40 PM PST

    In this talk, we will discuss the different states of consciousness that can arise with Kundalini experiences and how they are situated Buddhist and Tantric paths to awakening. Through the lens of phenomenological research, manuals written by advanced meditation teachers and ancient Buddhist and Tantric texts, we will put into context some of the more challenging altered states and how one might navigate these experiences towards greater freedom. For more context we will touch on the subtle body and biological mechanisms at play during a Kundalini awakening.

                  Ann Mathie

    Ann has been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 20 years in the Tantric, Yogic and Buddhist fields. With a Masters in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS University and ongoing Sanskrit training, Ann gives regular talks on the insights produced by mediation masters throughout history. Her previous research focuses on the phenomenology of Buddhist and Yogic experiences through practice. She is currently researching spontaneous Kundalini arousals and how these experiences map onto the path of realisation within Indian Buddhist and Yogic traditions as well as cutting edge consciousness theory. To see videos of Anns’ previous talks and academic research please go to


    Archetypes of Change by Judi Neal

    2:00 PM PST

    The world is changing rapidly and unpredictably, and spirituality is the key difference between those who integrate change effectively and those who are blown about by the winds of change. This presentation describes five Archetypes of Change: Edgewalkers, Flamekeepers, Placeholders, Hearthtenders, and Guardians, and how to work with each Archetype.

                                  Judi Neal

    Judi Neal received her doctorate from Yale. She was an internal consultant to organizations including Honeywell for eight years and then taught management at the University of New Haven for 17 years. More recently, Judi was founding director of the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the University of Arkansas. She serves on the boards several organizations related to workplace spirituality. She co- founded the Global Consciousness Institute.

    She authored eight books on workplace spirituality and transformation and is President of Edgewalkers International. Her latest book, with Mel Toomey is titled Integrating Change ( September 2021).


    Introduction to our “Multidimensional Consciousness System” by Monique Rebelle

    2:35 PM PST

    Rebelle’s description of her full kundalini rising experience leads to an explanation of Our Multidimensional Consciousness System. She perceived, developed and has been using this system to successfully help others applying the knowledge about the subtle body, kundalini and chakras from a new, groundbreaking viewpoint. Some suggested practices are presented.

                Monique Rebelle

    Monique Rebelle, born in Poland, is an artist – a painter, spiritual teacher and an author. In 1992, on the verge of suicide, she experienced a miracle that stopped her from ending her life and marked the beginning of a new, happy life. After years of contemplation of the phenomena, she became a spiritual teacher.

    Monique shares her insights about the experience in her book Transcendence Calling – The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment and in presentations, sessions, and programs. She teaches her Our Multidimensional Consciousness System to better utilize our great potential as truly magical, creative and beneficial beings. Visit her website.


    Using physiological principles to harmonize embodied and psycho-spiritual experiences during Kundalini awakening & integration by Tao Semko

    3:10 PM PST

    How endocrine networking, neuroplastic learning, vagal resets, tactile & emotional re-patterning, fascial/fluid dynamics, and the empirical principles of Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Ph.D., ScD, can be systematically applied for balanced Kundalini awakening and integration. This somatic overlay improves contextualization, grounding, self-soothing, processing of amplified experience and sensation, and access to continuums of awareness, memory, creativity, emotion, and expression.

                    Tao Semko

    For over two decades Tao Semko has assisted individuals in safely and fully awakening and integrating Kundalini via traditional yogas, alchemical qigong, and the empirically-based modern syncretic methods of Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD.

    Tao also helps individuals regain personal agency while somatically navigating, contextualizing, processing, and integrating non-normative states experienced as a result of trauma/PTSD, meditation, breathwork, heightened emotion or pleasure, entheogens, shamanism, kundalini rising or deflection, & spiritual emergence.

    These states can include absorption/samadhi/laya, fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses, energy sensations and surges, sudden heat & pressure changes, body undulations & trembling (kriyas), dissociation, spaciness & depersonalization, excessive or diminished empathy, fugue states, idiopathic pain, visions, apparitions, synesthesia, bliss/ecstasy, being stuck in bubbles of time and space, time distortion, déjà vu, and spatial wobbles.


    Super Meditate Me: A Documentary Film In Progress by Duncan Carroll

    3:45 PM PST

    Can meditation change the world? In 2016 I set out to see what would happen if I dropped everything and started living like a monk. Learn about how this upcoming film explores the deep mystery of spiritual experiences through the lens of hard science.

               Duncan Carroll

    Duncan Carroll is a filmmaker whose interest in meditation began when he had an unexplainable out-of-body experience at age 18. Since then he’s been determined to apply the scientific method to the investigation of spiritual phenomena. In 2015 he paired up with Only Human Films to begin work on Super Meditate Me, a documentary film chronicling the incredible effects of a 100-day meditation regimen and the scientific quest to decipher the phenomenon of spiritual awakening.


    Birthing a new Future for Humanity: The Untold Story of the ESF by Linda and Michael Molina

    4:20 PM PST

    Just beneath the surface of ordinary life, there is a new and exciting area ripe for exploration and scientific discovery. Mike and Linda Molina will shed light on the untold history of the Emerging Sciences Foundation, including its humble beginnings and lofty goals. Could it be possible that the scientific establishment has been under a spell of ignorance and half-truths for the past two centuries? What might happen if science began turning its attention to uncovering our true human potential? Join Mike and Linda Molina to learn more and discover the exciting new developments for the Emerging Sciences Foundation in 2021 and beyond.

                Linda Molina

    Linda Molina is a visionary who works hard at creating the change we wish to see in the world, both in the inner world and outer. With years of working with spiritually awakened individuals, and with an understanding of the process of awakening through her own experience and as a researcher, Linda believes that the investigation of the evolutionary process holds the keys to a better world. Co-founder of the Emerging Sciences Foundation with her husband Michael Molina, she has been serving as Director since 2009. Linda is married and homeschools her two sons.


                Michael Molina

    The founder of the Emerging Sciences Foundation and the creator of Brilliano, an app for spiritual aspirants, Michael believes in empowering people with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve the world we live in. He has served as an ESF board member since 2009. He is married with two sons.


     Speaker Discussion and Q&A

    4:40 PM

    In this final part of the symposium, available speakers will take questions from you- the audience, and will engage in a lively open discussion.

    Registration is now closed. Please follow us on YouTube to get access once they are released.

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