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The Emerging Sciences Foundation 501(c)3 foundation founded in 2009 by Michael and Linda Molina. In the past decade, the Emerging Sciences Foundation has executed projects seeking to empirically understand the Kundalini phenomenon. During this time, we have had the privilege to have amazing people on the Board of Directors and have attracted fellow researchers, healers, academics, and scientists to collaborate with and further our mission.

We’ve also learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Putting all the grassroots community raising aside, our main focus lately has been to finally bring our findings to the scientific community.

The Research
For the past year, we have been working on writing an official research paper in collaboration with Mauro Zappaterra. We hope to have this paper out and into your hands soon!

Community Building
Because those of you who are Kundalini active have amazing skills and talents, we want to showcase your work.

Art Show!!!
Are you well adjusted with the Kundalini energy and have talents and abilities that are mind blowing? Or are you barely tapping into your skills? Or are you still working with your new found abilities but have had time to play with them? Whatever the case, we want to see, share and spread your art and talents! Submit your work to us and we will display it on our website for the world to see!

Future Projects
There are many exciting projects that we want to undertake. The one thing that continues to slow us down is the lack of resources. We’ve called out for volunteers in the past, and a great many people raised their hands, but the tasks and people  could have been paired in a more effective way. With this new understanding, we want to try again.

Volunteers Needed
These are the areas we need help with. If you or someone you know is aligned with our mission and vision I encourage you to email us and let’s get things moving!


Informative Short Videos: We need video creators and editors.
Developers- We have a sister site (Brilliano) where we tried to get a grassroot community going. It also hosts the two questionnaires used for our research. It needs work and we need a skilled developer to help us make the needed changes. The languages are Angular and SQL. If you feel called, please don’t hesitate.

Photoshop – We are changing from a donor kit model to a membership model and need to change the images on the store page to do so. If you are skilled in photoshop and could take up this task in helping to develop the membership levels and the packages included.

Newsletters – We need newsletter content creators.

Psychometrician- we need our testing to be solid. As we progress, we will need to make sure the data we gather is properly analyzed and reported on in a timely manner.

Training: The best way to get people to understand Kundalini as an evolutionary mechanism is to understand the process and the importance of being aligned with the laws of this phenomenon. Knowing what to expect, and how to help others undergoing this process is vital. We need a team of volunteers to put together a training session for the community, this will allow those trained to be official presenters to their respective communities.

Presentation Deck(s) – Two different decks are needed, one can stem from the other. One will be for the training, the other will be to get this information out into the schools, the community and the world! Join this group to help put together a presentation deck.

Presenters- Once we have the training and the decks in place, those who have taken the training can then present to their group of choosing.

Fulfilling these opportunities will come from your heart and the pay you will receive will come from the universe. Once financially able to fully support you in these efforts we will do so. 🙂 Help us help you!

Please, contact us at, outlining where you want to help and or if you have an art submission. We’re also very open to ideas, suggestions and comments that you may have.

2020 has proven to be a great year of many changes, because of this people are more open to changes than before. Through our joint efforts we can be the change we wish to see.

To humanity and the future of humanity!!


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