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The Emerging Sciences Foundation is a California 501(c)3 public charity. We would love to have everything we provide be as free as possible, and that’s why we need your donations and support! If you’re convinced like we are that Kundalini and consciousness research is the most important cause of our day — able to unify science, religion, and bring all the systems of humankind into harmony with the evolving brain — then we encourage you to donate. Since the Emerging Sciences Foundation currently operates with 0% administrative overhead, all donations will be used to fund efforts directly.

If you are interested in donating and would like to receive some cool ESF gear and educational material on Kundalini, we also offer donor kits through our store.

Donor Kits

We now offer donor kits through our online store. As a special thank you, you’ll receive educational materials on Kundalini plus cool gear!


The Emerging Sciences Kickstarter Fund

Think of the ESF Kickstarter Fund as basic life support for our organization. When you donate to this fund, you will help keep some of our basic services, research, and promotional efforts going. The current stretch goal for our Kickstarter Fund is $5,000 USD. Costs include:

  • Basic website and email hosting costs
  • Startup research costs for metabolomic (blood sample) analysis
  • Educational outreach with student researchers

Other Funding Needs

Our Kundalini Experimental Project (KEP) Advisory Committee is currently working hard to create a formal research proposal and budget for our latest project, the Kundalini Experimental Project Phase 0. However, at the current time the ESF  Kickstarter Fund is our most important funding goal.