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Discovering the Self

by Damaraju Shailaja




Sublime are the Goddess’s ways
She creates all atoms
Then rests as Atman in all
Like a rhythm hidden in a Cymbal


Every rhythm of nature has a beat to it, the Earth too has a heart we can connect to. For many Earth is nothing more than a planet but for few who hear her heart beat know that all are connected to this beautiful breathing and living planet.

Many propound that when a person’s brain waves are similar to the base Electromagnetic Resonant Frequency of Earth (The Schumann Resonance at 7.83Hz) a connection gets established between the person and nature. It is a state of inner peace, grounding and calmness, which every person desires in our adrenaline pumped lives.

For Spiritual seekers this is not enough, they yearn for a larger connection than that. A connection with one’s ‘SELF’ is the goal of spiritual seekers. The ‘SELF’ is our unique energy signature and authentic expression of our soul.

Generally on the spiritual path many seekers have glimpses of awakenings but sustaining the awakening full swing depends on the type and strength of brain waves one predominantly produces in most part of their waking moments.

A healthy, relaxed and focused individual produces lower Beta or higher Alpha brain waves. In meditations too, lower Alpha brain waves are produced. It is only when the practitioner accesses deep meditative states, that Theta brain waves are produced.

Theta brain waves keep the person in an introverted drowsy state. If this state is sustained for longer duration in meditation the otherwise inaccessible subconscious mind of the person opens up gradually and reveals itself during these states. Accessing and working on the subconscious mind is the key to a sustainable spiritual awakening.

The subconscious mind is a store-house of personal beliefs, emotions, attitudes, experiences, skills, traumas, memories, desires etc. Opening of the subconscious mind in a wakeful state allows us to see our inner-shadows and inner-potential too.

Our inner work is effective as our inner fears are released, traumas are healed, desires are questioned, belief systems are deconstructed and the ego eventually loses its hold over us. We see through the falsity of identities and the roles we adopt, the limitations and false sense of security our stubborn ego hides. We see how constricted we are and how small we are in comparison to the vast universe, we see that as a person we are not more IMPORTANT or more ENTITLED than others. This is both a humbling and an enlightening experience.

Ancient Indian texts of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra recommends “Prathyahara” i.e. ‘withdrawal of senses’ from external world. As long as a person is externally focused he cannot access or maintain the Theta brain wave state for longer periods of time. So, a daily spiritual practice coupled with seclusion is a must.

Prolonged Theta brainwave state in meditation allows a person to drop all the unwanted and undesirable baggage stored in the subconscious mind as layers after layers of this is worked through and the person feels lighter in body and mind.

Now we step into a new level of consciousness in which we become observer of our thoughts as we no longer identify with them. The constant, habitual inner chatter subsides and we choose ‘when to’ and ‘what to’ think. We start being comfortable with the prolonged silence in between thoughts. Gradually we start beginning to be aware of the ‘SELF’, our true nature, our potential, which was hidden beneath all the layers of deep conditioning.

Peace, creativity, intuition, deep love, gratitude, compassion, acceptance, higher awareness etc. become part of life. We meet life where it is, without any motives or expectations.

Gone is the need to ‘fit in’ or follow mainstream ideas blindly. We unplug from the fear-based consensus reality as we understand that we can live life from a higher level of perspective and awareness.

The divine spark lies hidden beneath the dross. Every step we take towards discovering it, takes us closer to the ‘SELF’.

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