Awakening Awareness Program

Awakening Awareness Program

Simple yet profound


Join us weekly on Wednesday at 12 pm Pacific Time.

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Like the medical doctors of old, Dr. Mauro Zappaterra works to keep us healthy by providing the tools necessary to balance in an overstimulated world. Citing the latest research findings and showing us how to incorporate them into a practice, he empowers us. This is truly a gift to humanity, and we hope you take the opportunity to join us live.

This new series of meditations will be guided by Dr. Mauro Zappaterra and will integrate the 5 senses, the inner senses, the outer senses, all the tissue and fluids of our body including the cerebrospinal fluid, which will start to expand our awareness, open our perception, integrate the body and the mind in a totally embodied spiritual experience of oneness, wholeness, grace and love.

We will integrate the science of the body and mind, with anatomical references and be able to hold the entire universe in our awareness from the stardust to the whole person.

You are the Scientist, you are the laboratory. Together, we can change the world.

To a more self-aware world!!